Mortgage Utility Assistance Program

Mortgage Utility Assistance Program

Lackawanna County CDBG Coronavirus CARES Mortgage and Utility Assistance Program (MUAP) is being administered by the Lackawanna County Department of Human Services. MUAP was established as an emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic to disburse funds in Lackawanna County to provide financial assistance on behalf of low- and moderate-income homeowners experiencing difficulty making mortgage payments and/or utility payments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Assistance will be made available in the form of a grant, and funds will be paid directly to the mortgage and/or utility provider. Applications will be available on the Lackawanna County website or  Thursday, March 11, 2021.


Homeowners who have experienced job loss or a reduction in annual income due to the Covid-19 pandemic and need assistance with past-due mortgage payments and/or assistance with past due utility bills, including electric, gas, water, and/or sewer may be eligible.


Assistance may be provided to support homeowners who are at least 30 days past due on their monthly mortgage payments and/or utility expenses and can verify job loss or loss of income related to COVID-19 rendering them unable to pay mortgage and/or utilities. All MUAP assistance is subject to the availability of funding. MUAP funds may only be used to cover mortgage and/or utility expenses incurred after March 1, 2020. The maximum amount of monthly assistance for mortgage and utility payments will be equal to the actual mortgage payment and/or actual utility bill amount not to exceed three (3) consecutive months. For a household to be eligible, the household income cannot exceed 80% of “median income” as defined in the guidelines published annually by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Scranton-Wilkes Barre MSA.  See application for further guidance.

This program is available to the following municipalities: the  Townships of Benton, Carbondale, Clifton, Covington, Elmhurst, Fell, Glenburn, Greenfield, Jefferson, LaPlume, Madison, Newton, North Abington, Ransom, Roaring Brook, South Abington, Spring Brook, Thornhurst, Waverly, West Abington and Scott; and the Boroughs of Clarks Green, Dalton, Jermyn, Mayfield, Moosic, Moscow, and Vandling,  Archbald, Blakely, Clarks Summit, Dickson City, Dunmore, Jessup, Old Forge, Olyphant, Taylor, and Throop.

Note: The Cities of Scranton and Carbondale are direct entitlements of HUD and receive their own funding, therefore they are not included within this Program.


***For additional information regarding this program please call 211***



The CDBG-CV allocations per municipality were determined by the PA Department of Community and Economic Development and are listed below. The Lackawanna Department of Human Services will be administering the application process for the MUAP.  The amounts below are set per municipality and the Department of Human Services will adhere those amounts.  i.e.  If you are from Dunmore and apply and are deemed eligible the amount of the grant that you are awarded would come out of the Dunmore allocation and so on, until funding is expended.


Flow of CDBG funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) · There are 40 municipalities in Lackawanna County, of which, Scranton and Carbondale are cities · The City of Scranton receives CDBG funds directly from HUD · The State of Pennsylvania (PA) receives State CDBG funds from HUD to distribute based on the formula of Act 179 of 1984 · The City of Carbondale receives CDBG funds directly from the State of PA · Lackawanna County receives CDBG funds directly from the State of PA “on behalf of” the remaining 38 municipalities. The 38 municipalities are all administered “on behalf of” by the Lackawanna County Department of Planning and Economic Development. Of the 38, 11 municipalities are entitlement communities that receive a yearly CDBG allocation based on population. The 11 entitlement communities are as follows, Archbald, Blakely, Clarks Summit, Dickson City, Dunmore, Jessup, Old Forge, Olyphant, Scott, Taylor, and Throop. The remaining 27 municipalities all fall under the non-entitlement category.


Municipality PROJECT
Lackawanna County * $156,183.00
Archbald Borough $64,587.00
Blakely Borough $63,529.00
Clarks Summit Borough $59,883.00
Dickson City Borough $62,286.00
Dunmore Borough $82,398.00
Jessup Borough $58,775.00
Old Forge Borough $67,934.00
Olyphant Borough $59,972.00
Scott Township $59,352.00
Taylor Borough $62,772.00
Throop Borough $57,294.00
TOTALS $854,965.00
*LackawannaCounty (Non-Entitlement)(27)
Benton Roaring Brook
Carbondale South Abington
Clifton Spring Brook
Covington Thornhurst
Elmhurst Waverly
Fell West Abington
Glenburn Clarks Green
Greenfield Dalton
Jefferson Jermyn
Laplume Mayfield
Madison Moosic
Newton Moscow
North Abington Vandling