How to Give Back to Your Community

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How to Give Back to Your Community

We’ve all felt the urge to give back to our community, to foster positive changes in the area we live, and to offer help to others who are unable to help themselves. If you want to start helping your community, have a look at some tips we’ve gathered below to help you get started.


Charity begins at home

If you want to start giving back to your community, but you’re unsure where to start, then a great first step to take is to check if those close to you need your help. In the hectic day to day of modern life, it can be easy to lose track of your friends, family and neighbors. Check in with all the people you care about to see if any are in need of help that you can provide. For example, check with elderly family members or neighbors to see if you can help with any errands or jobs around their home.



You can give back to your community in the most literal sense by donating whatever you can to local charities and philanthropic organisations. Many people prefer to set up automatic monthly payments to their preferred charities, but you can donate more than just your money. If you can’t make a financial donation, anything you have too much of or don’t need, someone else can make use of. Consider donating the clothes that stay buried in your wardrobe to goodwill. Pass on the toys your kids are too old to play with to needy children. Any donation goes a long way to helping those who need it.



As well as donating money and goods to charities, there is another valuable donation you can make: your time. Volunteering is vital in keeping charities running smoothly, and they could always do with more help. You could volunteer for a regular shift at your local thrift store or homeless shelter, or you could volunteer your time visiting the residents of your local care home. Volunteering can be an incredibly worthwhile, enriching way to spend your time, allowing you to interact with people in your community you wouldn’t otherwise have met.


Help out at your local schools

Schools in particular are often in need of help in almost any community, with educators often overworked, and schools in general understaffed. One of the most crucial elements of a healthy community is a strong education system that helps equip children as they become young adults. To help out at your local school, you could donate supplies so that every child in the classroom has access to the same equipment, or donate money to go towards maintaining the school. Volunteer your time to help out during field trips or lunchtimes, or get involved in cleaning up the school during weekends.

There are, of course, many more ways that you can give back to your community, so use your imagination to see how you can help those who need it where you live.