Dear Dunmore Borough Resident,

A Federally Funded Sidewalk and Paving Project (possibly Storm Water as well) is being considered for your neighborhood.  In order to qualify for Federal Funding to complete this project, each household within the project area must complete a Community Development Block Grant Survey (CDBG) Form.

Lackawanna County is undertaking this survey in order to obtain the current estimates of the incomes of the residents in the service area to determine if the Sidewalk and Paving Project on Chestnut Street would be eligible for federal grant funding.  Please note that we are not asking that you inform us of your actual income; we are only asking if your income is above or below a certain amount depending on your family size.

Once completed, you can mail the survey form directly to the Lackawanna County Department of Planning and Economic Development in Scranton. If you would rather, you may call our offices and provide your survey responses via a phone interview.

I can be reached at:

Margaret Piccotti, Contract Manager
(570) 963-6830 (ext. 1356)
Lackawanna County Department of Economic Development
123 Wyoming Avenue, 5th Floor
Scranton, PA 18503

If you have any questions regarding the survey or the project, please feel free to contact the Lackawanna County DCED office or Vito P. Ruggiero from Dunmore Borough at (570) 3437611.

Please be assured that all information supplied is strictly confidential and results will be compiled by the Lackawanna County Department of Planning and Economic Development.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this important matter.


Margaret E. Piccotti
Lackawanna County Contract Manager