In the spring of 1984 a group of concerned citizens gathered together to develop a place where senior citizens could enjoy a meal together and learn new skills. These Founders ~ Adeline Michalek, Naomi Harris, Carmel Arnone, Jenny Figliomeni and Gerry Conway ~ formed a committee to perform an assessment of needs.

A pilot study was given to 128 senior citizens in Dunmore to determine if they felt a senior center was needed. Of those surveyed, 110 answered positively and signed up to become members of the proposed center.

A committee was also formed to determine if a center was economically feasible. A fundraising drive was held that raised enough funds to carry the fledgling agency through its start-up costs. The committee determined that the community along with other funding sources would be able to finance the operation.

The third task was to determine what programs the agency would provide. The study revealed the need for both nutrition as well as activities. Nutritional meals were contracted thorough Meals on Wheels of Lackawanna County. The study further suggested that eight programs would initially be provided: Bingo, Quilting, Ceramics, Cards, Dancing, Arts and Crafts, Oil Painting, and Bowling.

Parts of this History were reprinted with permission from a professional contribution to Marywood University by Charles Frushon.