Snow Removal Announcement

Snow Removal Announcement

Dunmore Borough Council together with our Department of Public Works have protocols in place to be dispatched to the forecasted inclement weather Wednesday into Thursday.

We ask the public to please be patience in regards to your residential sanitation pickups because the priority will be our roadways and to make them passable.

Please remember,

It is unlawful for owners, occupants or tenants of property, or any other person, to dump, throw, shovel, pile or push any snow or ice removed from driveways or walkways into any public street. No snow, ice, slush or a combination thereof shall be pushed or deposited into any drainage area, stream, river, culvert or catch basin. No snow, ice, slush, or combination thereof shall be deposited, pushed or maintained, within a commercial, manufacturing, light industrial or multiple family zoning district parking facility or at or near an intersection in any zoning district, in a manner or at a location which creates a traffic hazard by impairing visibility from or of a public highway. No person shall damage any Borough property, including but not limited to, traffic signs, culverts, etc. while removing snow, ice, slush, or a combination thereof Any damage to Borough property shall be repaired or replaced in accordance with the requirements of the Borough at the expense of the property owner and/or snow removal agency. (Chapter § 86-1 (2)).

We will work efficiently as possible to cleanup/remove the snow, and to remove your sanitation in front of your residence.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and please stay safe.