Employment | Borough Manager

Employment | Borough Manager

Job Description: Borough Manager (currently, Municipal Administrator/Secretary
Department: Management
Reports To: Borough Council
Supervises: Designate DEPARTMENTS or JOB TITLES

Job Summary

The Borough Manager is the chief managerial and administrative employee of the Borough of Dunmore, subject to supervision and direction from Borough Council, compensated on salaried basis.

Borough Manager oversees the Borough’s financial management and operations; helps implement Borough legislation; and serves as the Borough’s principal human resources officer, Supervision is exercised over a staff of administrative, uniformed, professional, clerical and public works personnel. Assignments are varied in nature and are carried-out in accordance with policy guidelines, goals and objectives set by Borough Council and applicable laws, rules and regulations. The Borough Manager shall maintain an office in the Borough Building, and shall travel as necessary to accomplish Borough business.

Essential Job Responsibilities

As directed specifically or generally by Borough Council, the Borough Manager shall:

Have enthusiasm for public service and a strong work ethic which encompasses the roles of carrying out the duties of his/her job and recommending policy initiatives.

Work with a seven member Borough Council and Mayor to carry out various public functions, including administration, finance, human resources, collective bargaining and citizen communication.

Supervise and be responsible for the activities of all Borough departments except the police department. Oversee, and where necessary perform, hiring, discipline and discharge, and other Borough human resources functions.

Obtain necessary information for, prepare and timely submit to Council (before the close of the fiscal year or on such alternative date as Council may determine), a budget for the next fiscal year as an explanatory budget message, and administer same once passed and adopted.

To the extent provided by law, execute and enforce the ordinances and resolutions of the Borough.

Attend all meetings of Council and, upon request, its committee meetings with the right to participate in any discussions pursuant to the rules and regulations for the conduct of Borough meetings as established by Council.

Prepare the agenda for each meeting of Council and supply facts pertinent thereto.



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