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2023 Proposed Budget

2023 Proposed Budget

Stormwater Improvement Project

Work starts the week of 10-17-2022 for the Stormwater Improvement in the Swinick Development with clearing and staging setup.

Jog for Jude Race 4/23/2022

Monroe Ave between Grove and Green Ridge will be closed to all traffic starting at 4:00Pm on Saturday. The race will kick off at 6:30pm so residents can expect road closures and delays between 6:30 and 7:30. Shortly after the race ends Monroe Ave will once again be reopened. There will be family events including...

Damage Claims

If you’ve experienced damage to your vehicle or property and would like to submit a claim to the commonwealth, please file an insurance claim against the commonwealth.

October Maintenance

We have to perform another shutdown and tie in at N. Apple and Jessup St. (in front of Jerry’s for all Seasons). We have scheduled to do this work this Thursday night again, working overnight. PAWC will notify all the customers whose water will be affected, and the contractor will notify the Lackawanna Co. 911 center and the Fire chief.

Summer Program

The Dunmore Borough is looking for interest in our Summer Program. We understand that the Dunmore School District is hosting an educational program during the same time period.

PA American Water Customer Assistance Programs

Live webinars will help customers understand their eligibility and learn how to apply for or enroll in company’s variety of bill payment assistance programs

Snow Removal Announcement

Dunmore Borough Council together with our Department of Public Works have protocols in place to be dispatched to the forecasted inclement weather Wednesday into Thursday.

* Recycling August 4th, 2020 Update

The Borough will pick up all commingled recyclable material. This includes glass jars and bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bottles (water, soda, laundry detergent), and steel cans. The center still DOES NOT accept plastic food or yogurt containers.

** If you decide to take your recyclable material to the Lackawanna County Recycling Center on Boulevard Avenue, Glass jars and bottles will not be accepted for drop off. Therefore, if you would like to recycle glass bottles and jars, please put them on the curb on your designated recycling day with your other recyclable materials. (Please check the schedule on our website, or on your 2020 Collection Schedule that was mailed to you. If you still have any further questions, please contact the Borough Building at your earliest convenience. Thank you**

Tax Payment Announcement

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Dunmore School District residents are asked to mail their Tax Payments to Dunmore Tax Collector, 400 S. Blakely Street, Dunmore PA 18512. Payments may also be dropped off in the drop boxes at the Borough Offices in the front of the building and also at the back of the building. The discount period for the School District has been extended until October 31, 2020 and there will be no penalty added on for payments made in December.